August 17

National Thrift Shop Day

There is nothing quite like getting a fresh pair of digs. There is no better place to find a unique pair of digs than at a thrift store. Thrift stores are awesome for many reasons! They lessen the need of newly manufactured clothes, which is less wasteful and better for the environment. They are full of great bargains on items that could be expensive otherwise, and they are filled with some of the coolest hidden gems that you could not find elsewhere. 

August 17th is the day set aside to show a little love to the thrifting community!  

A History Of National Thrift Shop Day

Thrift stores, as they are known in Canada and the U.S., have been around for quite some time. The very first known thrift store was called a “charity shop” and was opened by the Wolverhampton Society for the Blind in 1899. The shop was meant to sell goods made by blind people, so they could raise money.

The Red Cross opened the first major charity shop in London in 1941, which would soon pave the way for thousands more around the world. We now have major thrift shop chains, such as Goodwill, that donate their proceeds to various organizations and causes.

Currently, thrifting is a popular activity among those who are frugal, those who are environmentalists, and those who are into vintage clothing and decor.

How To Celebrate National Thrift Shop Day

The best way to celebrate National Thrift Shop Day is to go thrifting in your area. Find yourself a good thrift shop and start exploring! You never know what kind of treasures you’ll find! If you have any extra clothes or household items lying around, make some time today to go down to your local thrift shop and donate them. Like they always say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

Make sure to hashtag #NationalThriftShopDay, so others can get in on the fun!

Thriftin’ Ain’t Easy

Thrift shops are homes to some of the most random and unexpected items. Use National Thrift Shop Day to consider all of the history housed in these shops. If you head out to go thrifting in honor of the holiday, take a few moments to appreciate the treasures you get to look at, and don’t pass up buying anything that you love – you may never see that item again!

“I wear your granddad’s clothes. I look incredible. I’m in this big ass coat from that thrift shop down the road.”

  • Macklemore

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Black Cat Appreciation Day

Black Cats are often misunderstood creatures. They are seen as representatives of bad luck and witchcraft. Many see black cats as evil or cursed. Black Cat Appreciation Day is meant to help erase those stigmas because black cats are just as adorable as any other cat. You know that little guy that roams around your neighborhood at night? Go pet him! You might find yourself a new love for these fluffy black creatures!

National Massachusetts Day

National Massachusetts helps us to recognize the sixth union state and one of the first colonies of New England. Massachusetts is filled with a rich American history. The name comes from the indigenous people who populated the area before settlers arrived. Some of the many historical events in Massachusetts include the Boston Tea Party, the birth of Benjamin Franklin, and, of course, the invention of clam chowder.

This beautiful state, with breathtaking shorelines, inland mountain ranges, and urban abundance has everything you could possibly want. Take today to observe the history of the state and indulge in the food and culture that comes from it.

August 16

Roller Coaster

Hear the screams, feel the force, and live the thrill of the roller coaster: one of mankind’s most exhilarating inventions. August 16th is the day that you will find thrill-seekers from all over the world looking to experience the excitement of roller coasters themselves. While roller coasters have been around for quite some time, they seem to be getting more extreme every year.

Prepare yourself as we drop down at full speed into the history of National Roller Coaster Day.

A History Of National Roller Coaster Day

The oldest known “roller coasters” were believed to be in the Russian mountains near Saint Petersburg back in the 1600s. They were 80-foot high slides that had 50-degree drops and used wood for support. 

The origin of the roller coaster is linked to the inclined railway, which was patented by J.G. Taylor in 1872. It wasn’t until 1884 that the country saw the very first American roller coaster, which was built on Coney Island on June 16th.

Just before that, J.G. Taylor had worked on an elevated railway on Rocky Point Island in Rhode Island. This railway, which ascended about 400 feet in the air and could hold nine passengers, was a huge deal for the time. Roller coasters can now be found at amusement parks across the world, each with their own unique designs and technologies.

“Life is like a roller coaster, live it, be happy, enjoy life”

  • Avril Lavgine

How To Celebrate National Roller Coaster Day

The best way to celebrate National Roller Coaster Day is by seeking out one of these thrill machines yourself and riding one! This is especially true if you’ve always had a fear of roller coasters. Today is the day to face that fear.

If you can’t get yourself to a theme park today, try to use today to plan out the next time you can. Having a roller coaster ride in your near future is definitely something to look forward to. If you’re on social media, make sure to hashtag #NationalRollerCoasterDay to spread the word!

Roller Coasting Into Another Thrill

Roller coasters can be some of the wildest rides at carnivals, fairs, and amusement parks. Over time, they have gotten increasingly more complicated and daring – adding crazy twists and turns, impossible drops, and loops everywhere. Take some time to appreciate the innovation behind this wild ride today – and then go search for your next roller coaster experience!

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National Tell a Joke Day

The world’s oldest joke dates back to 1900 B.C. The old Sumerian saying reads:

“Something which has never occurred since time immemorial; a young woman did not fart in her husband’s lap.”

While it may not be the most exciting joke compared to the slew of toilet humor that is around today, it’s nice to know that even thousands of years ago, people were still cracking jokes. A joke can be told in many ways. From knock-knock jokes to one-liners to narratives, jokes come in all forms. Take today to tell a joke and get your friends to share their favorite jokes. 

National Rum Day

Many know rum as the drink of pirates, though this distilled clear alcohol is enjoyed around the world by people everywhere. It is made with sugar cane juice or molasses and is aged in wooden oak barrels. Some say that the American Revolution was a consequence of rum because the Sugar Act of 1764 outlawed it along with molasses and sugar, bringing outrage to American citizens. Enjoy some rum today. It is perfect for hot summer days because it can be used in a variety of coolers, daiquiris, and, of course, the beloved Pina Colada.

August 14

While there are a few patriotic holidays that the majority of America celebrates, such as the 4th of July and Veteran’s Day, there are not many people who know about V-Jay Day. V-Jay Day, otherwise known as “Victory Over Japan Day,” recognizes the Japanese surrender after the long and harsh World War II.

Whether you are a war history buff or a person that just likes to celebrate the strength and longevity of America, here is all you need to know about National V-Jay Day!

A History of National V-Jay Day

WWII began when Japan made a surprising and devastating attack on the Pearl Harbor naval base that was stationed on Oahu. This attack happened on December 7th, 1941, just as the diminishing relationships of Japan and the United States were coming to an end. This led the United States to declare war on December 8th, just one day later. The war reached Europe when the Japanese allied with Adolf Hitler and Germany. The next few years were filled with war, explosives, invasions, and deaths.

National V-Jay Day is celebrated on August 14th because that was that exact date in 1945 when the Japanese surrendered to the allies. This action was effective in ending World War II after many years of fighting. V-Jay Day is also used for a September 2nd holiday because that date in 1945 is when a formal surrender took place on the U.S.S. Missouri.

National V-Jay Day became a holiday across the United States, but it is mainly celebrated in Rhode Island under the name “Victory Day”. With that said, there are many parades that go on across the nation on this day, including places like Seymour, Indiana and Arma, Kansas.

“V-J Day, or Victory in Japan Day, marks the date of the Japanese surrender that ended fighting in the Pacific.”

  • Doc Hastings

How To Celebrate National V-Jay Day

The best way to celebrate National V-Jay Day is by attending a parade or celebration. See if you can find one in your area and take the family with you! You can also try visiting a WWII museum to learn more about the struggles of our soldiers during those tough times. One of the most famous WWII museums is in New Orleans.

If you use social media, make sure to hashtag #NationalVJayDay, so everyone can join in the celebrations and commemorate the brave men and women who endured one of the harshest wars the world has ever faced.

Surviving The Day That Lives In Infamy

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor began a domino effect of retaliation, war, and prejudice. National V-Jay Day serves as a reminder that freedom is not free and that the state of the world as you know it could change at any time. Let this day serve as a reminder that you should always make yourself aware of history, so you don’t repeat it. 

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National Creamsicle Day

With summer in full force, there is no doubt that you are on the constant hunt for something refreshing to take the heat away. A creamsicle is one of the best summertime treats with its citrus outside and creamy, vanilla center. The original Creamsicle was made by the Popsicle brand. It used flavored ice (initially only orange) which has now expanded to different flavors. To celebrate this day, go down to your local market and pick up a box of these for the family to enjoy! If you’re feeling crafty, you can make yourself a delicious low-fat Creamsicle Cake.

August 15

Leather has a very rich history because it was one of the earliest discoveries of mankind. It has been used for a variety of reasons, from protecting ancient people from the harsh conditions of the world to making bands for watches. It is used in basketballs, shoes, and just about a million other things.

If leather gets into the hands of a skilled leatherworker, it can transform into almost anything you can dream of. It is difficult to imagine a world without leather. This is why we reserve August 15th to celebrate leather and the people that craft it! 

A History Of National Leathercraft Day

Leather can be traced back thousands of years to the ancient Egyptians, who used it for things like sandals, bottles, and military equipment. The Ancient Greeks created tanning formulas, so they could have the functionality of leather while changing the overall aesthetic.

By the time the 18th century arrived, industrialization was in vogue, and leathercrafters began using the material to help drive large machines. Eventually, leather was also used in automobiles, both under the hood and within the interior. These innovations called for leather of different weights, thicknesses, colors, and more. 

Nowadays, leather is used in more industries than you might think. Modern technology has allowed us to develop sophisticated methods to customize and optimize leather to its fullest potential. This is why Tandy Leather created the holiday to commemorate the leathercrafters of the world who provide the foundations of our everyday objects.

  • Eliza Dushku

How To Celebrate National Leathercraft Day

The best way to celebrate National Leathercraft Day is by attending a leathercrafting class. You might be lucky enough to find one in your area; they are tons of fun and provide you and whoever you decide to take with you a new way to create a cherished piece of art. 

If you can’t attend a class, just take the day to appreciate all of the leatherwork that is around you. From the clothing in your closet to the seats in your car, your life is literally full of leather!

Appreciate The Leather Around You

National Leathercraft Day is a great day to thank a leathercrafter in your life for his or her contribution to leather innovation. Leathercrafters have been outfitting people with armor and crafting purses for maidens for centuries, and the man (or woman) behind the craft often goes unseen.

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National Lemon Meringue Pie Day

This is the day for pie lovers and citrus lovers alike! For those who haven’t had the chance to taste the deliciousness that is Lemon Meringue Pie, it is a shortbread crust pie with decadent lemon curd filling and a cloud-like meringue topping. Meringue first arrived in the early 1600s and has been perfected ever since. Take this day to go visit your local pie shop and have a slice. If you’re feeling crafty, stay at home and make your own with this awesome recipe!

National Relaxation Day

National Relaxation Day was founded in 1985 by a man named Sean Moeller. At the time, he was only in fourth grade! The best way to celebrate National Relaxation Day, according to Moeller, is by just chilling out. Don’t stress about all of the things that seem like they are constantly compounding in your life. Don’t worry about cleaning your house, finishing up that work project, or stressing about the future. Kick back with your favorite drink, go to a movie, go shopping or eating with friends, or do whatever it is that puts you in your zen place!

August 13

It’s time to step out into the summer sun and enjoy one of the most refreshing alcoholic beverages around – Prosecco. August 13th marks National Prosecco Day. It is a time to toast all of the wonderful things in your life with this celebratory drink in hand. 

This sparkling wine, crafted from a wide variety of different grapes, is one of the oldest wines in the world. Pop open a bottle of that bubbly, kick back, and read on to learn about National Prosecco Day.

A History of National Prosecco Day

Prosecco has seen a rise in popularity in the past decade, but it’s history reaches back hundreds of years. The region of Northern Italy has been known for its wines since the people of Ancient Greece began making their own wine around 800 BC. 

The Glera grape, the grape that is used to manufacture Prosecco, is said to have originated in the Italian village with the Prosecco name. This village, adjacent to the Slovenian border, would later become an entire region dedicated to producing Prosecco, just like the surrounding regions that are dedicated to producing champagne.

Prosecco can now be found in a wide variety of forms, including Spumante, Frizzante, and Tranquillo, each with their own level of “bubble.”  Riondo Prosecco, winner of the Gold Medal Winner Vinitaly in 2011, created National Prosecco Day as a way to commemorate this popular summer beverage.

“I enjoy a Prosecco. It’s bubbly; it’s fun. I think it goes with a lot of food.”

  • Danielle Schneider

How To Celebrate National Prosecco Day

The best way to celebrate National Prosecco Day is to have a glass (or three) of your favorite Prosecco. Invite some friends over and enjoy this refreshing beverage. Prosecco should be served in a tall and slender glass. It can either be ingested on its own or in a cocktail, such as a classic Bellini. If you want to get a little crafty, you can even use Prosecco to make a delicious dessert, such as a Zabaglione.

Pop Open Some Bubbly

If you’ve never had Prosecco, now is the time to try it. Grab some friends and all the ingredients you need to have a “Make Your Own Drink” day. Remember to be responsible, but don’t forget to have fun!

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National Filet Mignon Day

Filet Mignon is the king of cuts. It is usually cut from a heifer or a steer and is another name for a small end of the tenderloin. In terms of size, filet mignon is typically pretty thick, cut anywhere from one inches to two inches. The term filet mignon, which is French for “dietary filet,” was first used in 1906 in a book titled, The Four Million.

This is the leanest cut of meat you can buy. It provides diners with a solid amount of protein without the extra fat and calories. Treat yourself to a nice slice of filet mignon at your favorite restaurant to celebrate.

Left-Hander’s Day

If you are left-handed, you’re pretty special, considering only 10% of the population is left-handed. It is still unknown as to why people are left-handed or right-handed, though we do know that the left-handed trait is more than likely to pass on to a child. Only decades ago was left-handedness seen as “evil”. Nowadays, society accepts it as unique. So, take some time to celebrate being left-handed. If you are right-handed, try to use your left hand today to show your love for your southpaw brothers and sisters.

August 12

There is nothing quite as spectacular as the sweet sound of vinyl. From the Beatles to Miles Davis, music just sounds better when it is played on one of these round, black discs. Vintage vinyl has seen a huge resurgence as of late with many new bands beginning to print their music on vinyl. It’s no wonder why we now celebrate this wonderful music medium on August 12th.

A History of National Vinyl Record Day

In 1877  Thomas Edison invented the phonograph, the first device that allowed sound to be recorded and reproduced. The initial phonograph used tin foil that was placed over a metal cylinder with grooves. The stylus would vibrate in the tinfoil as it was rotated, playing back sound. Wax eventually replaced the tin foil.

The first vinyl records were made out of zinc and were covered in a thin layer of beeswax. A vibrating stylus etched grooves in the disc that allowed it to be played on a gramophone. Up until the 1950s, record manufacturers made their records in 78 rpm format. One of the most popular is the 45 rpm format with the 33 ⅓ format right behind it.

In 2016, manufacturers began to notice a vinyl resurgence. There were over 3.2 million vinyl units solid, making it a 25 year-high. Currently, it is the only physical music medium that is on the rise. We can thank Gary Freiberg, a popular YouTuber, writer, and vinyl expert, for creating the holiday to commemorate Thomas Edison and the invention of vinyl.

  • Jack White

How To Celebrate National Vinyl Record Day

National Vinyl Record Day is a day to enjoy music in one of its original forms. If you have a record player at home. Stop by your local record shop and pick up some new or used vinyls from your favorite artists. Not only will you have something new and exciting to listen to, but you’ll also help to support your favorite artists! 

Make sure to hashtag #NationalVinylRecordDay to spread the word and get other people listening. 

The Record Keeps Spinning

Music has been recorded on many different media over the years, but the vinyl record seems to have the most dedicated fanbase. The fact that vinyl records have outlasted all other outdated music media combined with the resurgence of musicians recording on vinyl goes to show that, sometimes, and oldie can remain a goodie.

On This Day, National Vinyl Record Day, As Well As…

National Julienne Fries Day

The french fry comes in many different forms. You can enjoy the salty crunch in a variety of ways – like waffle fries, shoestring fries, and curly fries. One of the most popular french fry cuts is the Julienne cut. The Julienne style dates back to a French cookbook from the early 18th century. It was used to cut vegetables into thin, uniform slices for more thorough cooking.

Julienne fries are some of the best-looking and crispiest fries around. If you are dining at a higher-end establishment, it is likely that they cut their fries Julienne style. Take this day to enjoy some delicious Julienne fries.

National Middle Child Day

If you are a middle child, you probably know the struggle. Your older sibling has always been considered the “leader” of the pack, and your younger sibling has always been the lovable baby. Often, middle children feel left without an obvious role to play in the family. They are also often the most open and creative of the bunch, though many also deal with neurotic behaviors. If you are the middle child, take the day to celebrate yourself! If you have a middle child, let them know that they are important!

August 10

Are you ready for something gooey and delicious? The S’more is the quintessential camping and outdoor treat. Millions of s’mores are consumed by Americans every single year. It is actually one of the few treats in the world that is only recognized in America, but there are many Canadians that enjoy them as well. Not only are they incredibly delicious, but they are also simple to make. All you need is a roasted marshmallow, a chocolate bar, and two graham crackers. 

So, go outside tonight, light a little fire, and enjoy some of these tasty treats while we provide you with some insight on a classic campfire delicacy.

A History Of National S’mores Day

The word “s’more” is a contraction of the words “some” and “more”. One of the earliest s’more recipes can be found in an early camping book titled A Book Of 150 Recipes Prepared With Campfire. The author of the book referred to it as a “Graham Cracker Sandwich”.

The term s’more first appeared in a 1938 recipe publication for summer camps. It was then that the name stuck. Larger recipe publications like Betty Crocker began using the name as well, giving it the legitimacy that it deserved. 

S’mores are made by roasting marshmallows over a campfire or stovetop until they are browned then place each of the roasted marshmallows on top of a piece of chocolate. Place the marshmallow and chocolate between two graham crackers. You have a s’more!

“You’re killin’ me, Smalls! Okay, these are s’mores stuff. Now pay attention. First, you take the graham. You stick the chocolate on the graham. Then, you roast the mallow. When the mallow’s flaming, you stick it on the chocolate. Then, you cover it with the other end.”

  • Ham Porter (The Sandlot)

How To Celebrate National S’mores Day

The best way to celebrate National S’mores Day is to make some s’mores at home. If you’re feeling adventurous, take a camping trip and bring along a s’mores kit, so you can make some under the stars. Discover some new s’mores recipes such as this one, or share the idea of a s’more with someone who has never had one before. 

S’More Quality Time, Please

S’mores are the most popular campfire snack in America. When the weather starts to get cooler and the leaves change color, you can smell the campfires in the air. As soon as that smell arrives, grab your s’mores supplies and make some memories!

On This Day, National S’mores Day, As Well As…

National Lazy Day

Are you ready to celebrate the idea of doing absolutely nothing? Today is National Lazy Day. Actually, on second thought, you don’t need to get ready to do anything today. Stop reading right now; it’s taking up too much of your energy. National Lazy Day is a day to unwind and to forget about all of your daily duties. Kick back, stare into space, eat some junk food, or binge watch a few different series on Netflix. Today is your day to do nothing, what will you do with it?

National Shapewear Day

Shapewear has been around for many centuries, dating back to the Ancient Greco-Roman area. Corset-like drawings have been discovered thanks to modern archaeologists, giving us some insight into the very first iterations of this type of clothing. Corsets and undergarments became required, high-status fashion during the sixteenth century. It was known to be uncomfortable and restrictive. Today, it is much less restrictive and can be found in a variety of styles. This is why the Pink Room decide to make a celebration out of it.

August 9

It has been said often that there is nothing better to do during a rainy day than to curl up with a good book. Book lovers everywhere will agree with that statement. For all of the book lovers out there, there is a day to celebrate: August 9. National Book Lover’s Day is a day for frequent book readers to scope out a place with some peace and quiet and enjoy a new book of their choice. You should skip the table of contents and go straight to the resolution: it’s time to discuss National Book Lover’s Day!

A History Of National Book Lover’s Day

Books date back thousands of years to the Ancient Egyptians, who used papyrus or calf skin sheets of paper that were glued together to make booklets. Early book covers used wood and leather materials to add durability and were fitted with straps to hold the pages together if glue wasn’t available.

Ancient Romans were known for providing one of the first public places to access scrolls. We now call these places public libraries. They were heavily guarded as a way to prevent theft. Fast forward to now, and there are billions of books in the world that have been created by using digital printing. Instead of using ink like 19th century books did, these digitally printed books use a form of toner.

As time moves forward, we are now seeing the growth in popularity of E-books and E-readers, giving people access to thousands of books on a tablet the size of a slip of paper. National Book Lover’s Day has been created to encourage book lovers around the world to enjoy a form of literature in any medium.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.” 

  • George R.R. Martin 

How To Celebrate National Book Lover’s Day

The best way to celebrate National Book Lovers Day is by picking up a good book! Find a good place to kick your feet back and enjoy a nice story. If you live with children, take some time on this day to read to them and pass on the joy of books. 

Books, By Any Other Name

On National Book Lover’s Day, appreciate all that books have done for our world. They have recorded history, spread information, and entertained us for years. Gift a book lover to show your appreciation!

On This Day, National Book Lovers Day, As Well As… 

National Veep Day

The Vice President is, by law, able to act as President if the President dies, resigns, is unable to lead, or is removed from office for any reason. National Veep Day is meant to celebrate the plan of succession. One of the most popular succession events was Vice President Gerald Ford, who moved up to the role of president when Richard Nixon resigned from office. This day just so happened to be August 9, 1974, marking this National Holiday in history.

National Rice Pudding Day

Rice Pudding is one of the simplest and most delicious dishes out there. It is a mix of rice and water with some form of milk, ranging from coconut milk to cream. Some add their own ingredients into the mix, such as vanilla and cinnamon. It is enjoyed everywhere around the world from North America to the Middle East to Europe and beyond. The best way to celebrate National Rice Pudding Day is to cook up your own rice pudding with some family and friends. Check out this delicious recipe here!

August 8

Over the past few decades, CBD, a natural supplement derived from hemp, has been making a name for itself in the realm of health and wellness. CBD is helping those worldwide who suffer from ailments such as chronic pain, depression, and cancer-related symptoms. It accomplishes all of this without having the same psychoactive properties as its brother, THC.

Since it is such a miracle medicine, it only makes sense to reserve August 8 to show CBD some well-deserved appreciation.

A History of National CBD Day

Hemp is one of the oldest industries on the planet, dating back thousands of years into ancient times. In American history, one of the first, well-known hemp growers was George Washington. He even had American colonists growing it for him at the time. It wasn’t until 1937 that the Marijuana Tax Act was passed that it became difficult for American farmers to grow hemp.

Hemp is currently a booming industry. There are millions of CBD consumers that rely on it for both common and serious conditions, ranging from sleeplessness to chronic depression and pain. The beauty of CBD is that it is able to deliver a number of advantages without side effects. It has also become one of the most versatile medicines because it can be ingested, inhaled, or put on the skin. 

The holiday was founded by CBDMD in the hopes that it would spread CBD awareness to help cure millions more around the world.

“The benefits of CBD oil are unlike anything any pill or medication can do.”

  • Tom Hanks

How To Celebrate National CBD Day

The best way to celebrate National CBD Day is to take some time and learn more about the advantages. Seek out some CBD guidance and see if you have any ailments that could be eased with CBD. If you are surrounded by friends or family members that complain of constant pain, anxiety, or restlessness, discuss the possibility of using CBD to them. 

Embracing CBD

Because CBD is extracted from marijuana, it makes people wary of using it. However, CBD alone does not produce a high; it only gives relief. Without THC, CBD is a safe and effective way to treat a variety of illnesses, both physical and mental. Go out of your way today to educate people on the benefits of CBD. The best way to end the stigma is to spread the truth.

On This Day, National CBD Day, As Well As…

National Happiness Day

National Happiness Day was founded in 1999 by the Society of Happy People. It was made to encourage others to express and share their own happiness with others in hopes to spread the positive feeling. The best way to celebrate National Happiness Day is to recognize the moments of joy in your life, no matter how big or small. Laugh at a joke you love, enjoy a scoop of ice cream, or gaze up at the stars. Do what makes you happy and spread that feeling to others. There is nothing more beautiful in this world than true happiness.

National Dollar Day

August 8 is the day to recognize the U.S. dollar! It has been the official currency of the United States since 1792 and has had many makeovers. The very first U.S. dollar featured Salmon P. Chase, the Secretary of Treasury under the Lincoln presidency. Spend a dollar or save a dollar today; it’s your choice. You can also read the timeline of U.S. currency if you’re an info nerd!

August 7

The Purple Heart is the oldest military decoration in U.S. history and is worn today as a badge of honor by soldiers who were killed or wounded in the field of battle. It also recognizes commendable action in combat. It has been around for centuries and has gone through many name changes and redesigns, and it is still one of the most honorable military awards. What is it that makes the purple heart so special?

 A History of Purple Heart Day

The Purple Heart was introduced during the American Revolutionary War when it was awarded to three different soldiers by General George Washington. Before it became the Purple Heart, it was simply known as the “Military Badge Of Merit”. George Washington had created it to commemorate soldiers who had performed meritorious actions in battle.

The original badge was a purple piece of silk-bound cloth in the shape of a heart, lined with silver and embroidered with the word “merit”. There are many things about the Purple Heart that still remain unknown, such as how many soldiers have received it and who originally designed it. Many believe that there was a Book of Merit, a national treasure that has been lost with time.

The design of the badge has changed drastically over the past two centuries, and now includes a purple ribbon and the bust of George Washington. Purple Heart Day has been reserved on different days throughout history. It was once celebrated on Washington’s Birthday. However, a 2014 military order decided to recognize Purple Heart Day on August 7th. For each Purple Heart Day, the military has asked that citizens purchase purple violas to show their support. 

“I’m a soldier who didn’t know how nasty the battle was going to be, and now, I’ve got a purple heart and I’m back.”

  • Robert Downey Jr.

How To Celebrate Purple Heart Day

The best way to celebrate Purple Heart Day is by honoring those who have fought in the battle and have received Purple Hearts. Learn more about the history of the Purple Heart. Show respect to the brave men and women who continue to put themselves on the line of combat for the safety of our great nation. Make sure to hashtag #PurpleHeartDay to help spread awareness!

Purple Hearts Bleed Red

All military servicemen and women deserve to be respected and revered every day because of the sacrifices they make to protect your freedom. Purple Heart Day should remind you that not everyone that leaves to serve comes back. Take a moment out of your day today to do something that benefits a member of the country’s military. Feed a homeless veteran, sit with an injured soldier, or write a letter to someone that is deployed. It is a small show of appreciation for the service they have given you.

On This Day, Purple Heart Day, As Well As…

National Lighthouse Day

This beacon of light has been around for hundreds of years, helping to secure safe passage for ships and vessels out at sea. They were first built in the 17th century and have been around for centuries, marking dangerous coastlines and providing safe entry into harbors. Without them, the modern ship trade would not exist. There are about 18,600 lighthouses worldwide, most of which have been decommissioned. Celebrate National Lighthouse Day by visiting a lighthouse near you!

National Raspberries N’ Cream Day

August is the month when raspberries are plentiful! Raspberries N’ Cream just so happens to be one of the most beloved and delicious raspberry treats around. Raspberries, which were once a crop that could only be harvested in the summer, can now be harvested all-year-round. Don’t wait to enjoy a well-deserved dessert, though! One of the most popular ways to enjoy Raspberries N’ Cream is with a layer cake.