July 27

Love is one of the greatest things that we can show another human being. It is a force of nature that can motivate us, inspire us, and help us to grow. National Love Is Kind Day is all about celebrating individuals who have broken free from abuse of any kind, though it is most geared towards victims of domestic abuse.

If you or someone you know have escaped from the clutches of domestic abuse or violence, July 27th is the day to celebrate these triumphant victories and pass on the love and awareness.

A History of National Love Is Kind Day

Sunny and Rosie Aiello, mother and daughter founders of the Love Is Kind Network, founded this national holiday in 2018 to help the millions of women and children of the world who suffer from domestic abuse and violence. Their goal is to spread kind and healthy messages of love to the world, in the hopes that the message will create strength in families without violence of any kind.

The exact date was the date that Sunny and Rosie found freedom from their abusive relationship that they had dealt with for years. Rosie was in an abusive relationship for almost 30 years before she decided to take Sunny and escape from the Middle East to find a new life. She finally arrived in California, where she would settle in with her daughter, become an international speaker, and create a network where victims of abuse could share their stories and find help.

How To Celebrate National Love Is Kind Day

Love is Kind

The Love Is Kind Network have outlined a number of ways that people can celebrate this holiday. If you have ever been the victim of abuse or assault, make sure to repeat this mantra: “I Deserve to be treated with kindness.” Be positive on this day in your actions by using kind words and gestures. Share in the celebration with those who have escaped from domestic abuse and violence. 

If you are on social media, make sure to hashtag the phrase #LoveIsKindNotTerrorizing to help spread the word. 

“Love Is Kind, Not Terrorizing”

  • Sunny Aiello

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