July 25

Just last year, there was an upwards of 326,000 unemployed veterans in the United States alone. These are the same men and women who put their lives on the line to protect us, yet they struggle to look for employment when they leave the service. July 25th is around to remind employers to hire veterans for any positions that need to be filled.

Let’s take this day to celebrate those brave, qualified men and women as they come back to enter the American workforce.

A History of National Hire A Veteran Day

While there has been legislation in place for quite a while to help servicemen and women entering the workforce, the programs have never been perfect. This is why the holiday came about.

Dan Caporale, a Marine Corp veteran from Leesburg, Virginia, is the founder of National Hire a Veteran Day. He is also the founder of Hire our Heroes, which is the number one Veteran Job Platform in the United States. The program is in place to help military, veterans, and spouses of military men and women, to get free training and access to high-quality career development programs.

How To Celebrate National Hire a Veteran Day


The best way that you can celebrate National Hire a Veteran Day is by considering a veteran for an open position! You can visit https://hireourheroes.com/ to post any job openings you might have so that veterans can apply. The website is even providing a 50% discount on postings throughout the month of July, using “Hire A Vet” as a code.

Skills that these men and women gain in the military world are easily transferable to the civilian workforce. These skills include engineering, cyber security, marketing, finance, and skilled trades. Hashtag #NationalHireAVeteranDay to help spread awareness.

“The best way to honor a veteran is to hire one!”

  • Dan Caporale

On This Day, National Hire a Veteran Day, As Well As…

National Wine and Cheese Day

National Wine and Cheese Day

National Wine and Cheese Day has been around for a few years now and was made to encourage us to partake in a delicious spread of cheeses and wines. Go wine and cheese tasting with your friends or family. Try something that is a bit out of your comfort zone. You might find something sweet or savory that you had never known before! The pairing of wine and cheese goes back centuries and is based off of particular regions.

National Merry-Go-Round Day

National Merry-Go-Round Day

Bette Largen, the National Carousel Association president, is the founder of National Merry-Go-Round Day. She, alongside professional Carousel historian Ronald Hopkins, helped to create this day to commemorate these historical round-abouts. Take this day to find a merry-go-round in your area and go for a ride! Did you know that the first merry-go-rounds date back to the 12th century?

National Hot Fudge Sundae Day

The “Hot Fudge Sundae” as we know it has been around since 1906, though some say it dates back to the late 1800s. On a warm Sunday in 1892, a man by the name of Reverend John M. Scott stopped in for an ice cream at Platt & Colt Pharmacy in New York. When Platt finished his delicious creation of vanilla ice cream, cherry syrup, hot fudge, and candied cherries, Scott said that it was so pretty and tasty that it needed a name separate from other ice cream. Therein came the name Sundae.