July 20

Pick a flavor to savor, as July 20th is National Lollipop Day! If you’re ready to feel like a kid again, prepare your sweet tooth as we dive into the history and celebration of this wholesome holiday.

A History of National Lollipop Day

We’re not 100% sure when lollipops were invented. There are some scientists that claim there were prehistoric versions of lollipops from the Chinese and Egyptians with nuts and berries preserved on sticks with honey. More recognizable forms of lollipops began appearing in 16th century Europe as sugar became more and more popular and abundant. 

The English were known to boil sugar treats with inserted sticks that made them much easier to eat. “Lolly Pop” actually refers to “tongue slap”. The name was derived from Northern England slang. 

In the United States, however, lollipops didn’t become popular until the 1860s, when confectionaries and pharmacies began selling them. The modern lollipop was invented and patented in 1908 by a man named George Smith, who was the owner of the Bradley Smith Company. It was named after George’s favorite racing horse, Lolly Pop. 

It was then in 1916 that the Racine Confectioner’s Machinery Company created the very first automated lollipop machine. This machine could produce lollipops at 2,400 sticks every hour, providing enough lollipops in a week to provide enough for a year’s worth of national demand. These were also the same folks that coined “National Lollipop Day”.

How To Celebrate National Lollipop Day

Lollipop Day

While there is no presidential proclamation that makes this a required “holiday”, there is an agreement between sweets-lovers and confection manufacturers alike. The best way to celebrate National Lollipop Day is to buy a bag, enjoy some lollipops, and share with your friends and family.

If you’re a social media user, make sure to make a post of yourself eating a lollipop and tag it #nationallollipopday

“Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows, everything that’s wonderful is sure to come your way…”

  • Leslie Gore

On This Day, National Lollipop Day, As Well As…

National Moon Day

Landing on Moon

National Moon Day is celebrated every July 20th as a reminder of when men made their first steps on the moon. NASA referred to this event, which happened on July 20th, 1969, as one of the “greatest technological achievements of all time”. It was on this day that Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, carried by the Apollo 11, took their very first steps out of a spacecraft and traveled around the surface of the moon for over two hours. 

International Chess Day

Children Playing Chess

International Chess Day falls on July 20th, the same year that the International Chess Federation was founded back in 1924. This holiday is recognized by over 605 million chess players worldwide, with similar numbers of chess players in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Russia.

National Fortune Cookie Day

It's your lucky day

Many sources will tell you that July 20th is National Fortune Cookie Day. It is on this day that we recognize one of the world’s wisest and least tasty cookies around. Fortune cookies, though thought to be Chinese, actually originated in Japan. The United States is currently responsible for the largest consumption of fortune cookies throughout the world. If you’re lucky enough, you may also end up winning the lottery thanks to a fortune cookie, like these players did back in 2005.