August 9

It has been said often that there is nothing better to do during a rainy day than to curl up with a good book. Book lovers everywhere will agree with that statement. For all of the book lovers out there, there is a day to celebrate: August 9. National Book Lover’s Day is a day for frequent book readers to scope out a place with some peace and quiet and enjoy a new book of their choice. You should skip the table of contents and go straight to the resolution: it’s time to discuss National Book Lover’s Day!

A History Of National Book Lover’s Day

Books date back thousands of years to the Ancient Egyptians, who used papyrus or calf skin sheets of paper that were glued together to make booklets. Early book covers used wood and leather materials to add durability and were fitted with straps to hold the pages together if glue wasn’t available.

Ancient Romans were known for providing one of the first public places to access scrolls. We now call these places public libraries. They were heavily guarded as a way to prevent theft. Fast forward to now, and there are billions of books in the world that have been created by using digital printing. Instead of using ink like 19th century books did, these digitally printed books use a form of toner.

As time moves forward, we are now seeing the growth in popularity of E-books and E-readers, giving people access to thousands of books on a tablet the size of a slip of paper. National Book Lover’s Day has been created to encourage book lovers around the world to enjoy a form of literature in any medium.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.” 

  • George R.R. Martin 

How To Celebrate National Book Lover’s Day

The best way to celebrate National Book Lovers Day is by picking up a good book! Find a good place to kick your feet back and enjoy a nice story. If you live with children, take some time on this day to read to them and pass on the joy of books. 

Books, By Any Other Name

On National Book Lover’s Day, appreciate all that books have done for our world. They have recorded history, spread information, and entertained us for years. Gift a book lover to show your appreciation!

On This Day, National Book Lovers Day, As Well As… 

National Veep Day

The Vice President is, by law, able to act as President if the President dies, resigns, is unable to lead, or is removed from office for any reason. National Veep Day is meant to celebrate the plan of succession. One of the most popular succession events was Vice President Gerald Ford, who moved up to the role of president when Richard Nixon resigned from office. This day just so happened to be August 9, 1974, marking this National Holiday in history.

National Rice Pudding Day

Rice Pudding is one of the simplest and most delicious dishes out there. It is a mix of rice and water with some form of milk, ranging from coconut milk to cream. Some add their own ingredients into the mix, such as vanilla and cinnamon. It is enjoyed everywhere around the world from North America to the Middle East to Europe and beyond. The best way to celebrate National Rice Pudding Day is to cook up your own rice pudding with some family and friends. Check out this delicious recipe here!