August 5

When you were a kid, you were likely always told to “make sure to change your underwear”! There are about a hundred reasons to slip into a pair of fresh underwear every day, many of which you probably already know. From panties, to boxers, to briefs, to tighty whities, everyone has their favorite pair of underwear.

August 5th is the time to celebrate that favorite pair, as well as the concept of underwear. Let’s dig into the fabric of this popular piece of clothing to find out what makes it so special.

A History of National Underwear Day

Underwear, otherwise known as undergarments, date back almost 7,000 years, when ancient people used loincloths to help protect their bottom halves. Archaeologists have discovered these old pieces of cloth all around the world, including places like Hawaii, Japan, and modern-day Armenia.

Today, we know underwear as the small layers of clothing that is worn under your outerwear to help protect your loin from the cold and from chafing. Underwear is there to protect your clothing from getting sweaty, though it also provides us with the proper support, whether you are participating in sports or hanging out at home. Both men and women wear underwear to be seductive or practical, so it is no wonder why we celebrate this wonderful piece of fabric!

The day became official back in 2005, when Freshpair announced it on their website in hopes to spread awareness about the benefits of good underwear.

How To Celebrate National Underwear Day

Underwear Day

The best way to celebrate National Underwear Day is by embracing your body image. Whether you are large or small, you should be able to enjoy the way you look when strutting around in your underwear. If you are the eccentric type, you can post a photo of yourself in your underwear on social media to commemorate the day and spread body image awareness.

If you are a bit shy, we recommend strutting your stuff around the house in your favorite pair!

“I can’t do the same thing every night, the same gestures… it’s like putting on dirty panties every day.”

  • Brigette Bardot

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National Work Like a Dog Day

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