August 2nd

We all remember sitting in our parents’ living room when we were really young, lost in a sea of colors with our favorite coloring book. There was nothing that could pass the time like filling in that blank canvas with a mix of our favorite shades.

To this day, even with the advent of video games and the Internet, coloring books are still one of the most popular toys out there for children. Adults are even getting back in the game with the booming adult coloring book market! Just how did this colorful day come about?

A History of National Coloring Book Day

The Coloring Book has been around for over a century now. The very first coloring book was invented by the McLoughlin Brothers, this 1879 “painting book” entitled Little Folks. The brothers would continue to publish coloring books into the early 20th century before being bought out by the larger Milton Bradley company. At this point in time, books were meant to be colored with paint, as crayons weren’t invented until the latter part of the 1930s. 

Coloring books became one of the most widespread forms of educational art around the world. This non-verbal medium was used to develop creativity and geometric understanding. Coloring books have also been used by health professionals for trauma patients, accident victims, autistic children, and many others.

In the 2010s, we began seeing the popularity of adult coloring books. These books were meant to relieve stress and anxiety, helping people to center themselves and focus on a positive task when they needed it most. The holiday can be accredited to Dover Publications who proclaimed the holiday back in May of 2015. This company was founded in 1941 and has released a large variety of coloring books for kids and adults over the years.

“Daring to make a difference in today’s youth-one page at a time” 

  • William Sawyers

How To Celebrate National Coloring Book Day

Coloring Book Day

The best way to celebrate National Coloring Book Day is to share your colors with the world! Go out and join in a coloring party with some friends or family! Go online and discover some new coloring books that are on the market. If you have children, sit them down today for a fun and carefree coloring session.

Even if you are alone today, take some time to color by yourself. It is a great form of meditation and can ease the stress of the day! Make sure to go on this website and download this year’s coloring book! Hashtag #NationalColoringBookDay to spread awareness and get all of your friends in on the fun!

On This Day, National Coloring Book Day, As Well As

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Ice Cream Sandwich Day

No other food pairs better with a hot, summer day than a cool and delicious ice cream sandwich. When ice cream sandwiches first came out in 1899, you could purchase them for only a penny! They first popped up in New York on a small pushcart where locals could come around and grab them during the summer months. 

Now there are many ice cream sandwich alternatives that use different cookies and wafers in place of the soft chocolate crusts. The best way to celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day is to pick up an ice cream sandwich and cheers with some friends.