August 13

It’s time to step out into the summer sun and enjoy one of the most refreshing alcoholic beverages around – Prosecco. August 13th marks National Prosecco Day. It is a time to toast all of the wonderful things in your life with this celebratory drink in hand. 

This sparkling wine, crafted from a wide variety of different grapes, is one of the oldest wines in the world. Pop open a bottle of that bubbly, kick back, and read on to learn about National Prosecco Day.

A History of National Prosecco Day

Prosecco has seen a rise in popularity in the past decade, but it’s history reaches back hundreds of years. The region of Northern Italy has been known for its wines since the people of Ancient Greece began making their own wine around 800 BC. 

The Glera grape, the grape that is used to manufacture Prosecco, is said to have originated in the Italian village with the Prosecco name. This village, adjacent to the Slovenian border, would later become an entire region dedicated to producing Prosecco, just like the surrounding regions that are dedicated to producing champagne.

Prosecco can now be found in a wide variety of forms, including Spumante, Frizzante, and Tranquillo, each with their own level of “bubble.”  Riondo Prosecco, winner of the Gold Medal Winner Vinitaly in 2011, created National Prosecco Day as a way to commemorate this popular summer beverage.

“I enjoy a Prosecco. It’s bubbly; it’s fun. I think it goes with a lot of food.”

  • Danielle Schneider

How To Celebrate National Prosecco Day

The best way to celebrate National Prosecco Day is to have a glass (or three) of your favorite Prosecco. Invite some friends over and enjoy this refreshing beverage. Prosecco should be served in a tall and slender glass. It can either be ingested on its own or in a cocktail, such as a classic Bellini. If you want to get a little crafty, you can even use Prosecco to make a delicious dessert, such as a Zabaglione.

Pop Open Some Bubbly

If you’ve never had Prosecco, now is the time to try it. Grab some friends and all the ingredients you need to have a “Make Your Own Drink” day. Remember to be responsible, but don’t forget to have fun!

On This Day, National Prosecco Day, As Well As…

National Filet Mignon Day

Filet Mignon is the king of cuts. It is usually cut from a heifer or a steer and is another name for a small end of the tenderloin. In terms of size, filet mignon is typically pretty thick, cut anywhere from one inches to two inches. The term filet mignon, which is French for “dietary filet,” was first used in 1906 in a book titled, The Four Million.

This is the leanest cut of meat you can buy. It provides diners with a solid amount of protein without the extra fat and calories. Treat yourself to a nice slice of filet mignon at your favorite restaurant to celebrate.

Left-Hander’s Day

If you are left-handed, you’re pretty special, considering only 10% of the population is left-handed. It is still unknown as to why people are left-handed or right-handed, though we do know that the left-handed trait is more than likely to pass on to a child. Only decades ago was left-handedness seen as “evil”. Nowadays, society accepts it as unique. So, take some time to celebrate being left-handed. If you are right-handed, try to use your left hand today to show your love for your southpaw brothers and sisters.