August 11

It is not often that we consider our most revered leaders to be comedians. With that said, presidents are no strangers to comedy. With all of the unrest and turmoil that the nation deals with on a day to day basis, it is sometimes nice to take a break and enjoy some good humor. Whether a president has made an accidental blunder, a faux pas, or a purposeful joke, today is the day to celebrate National Presidential Joke Day.

A History of National Presidential Joke Day

The history of National Presidential Joke Day began on the day that Ronald Reagan made a joke about outlawing Russia forever and saying that they would begin bombing them in a matter of minutes. He was slated to make a state of address on NPR on August 11, 1984 regarding student religious groups in public high schools.

He was stationed at his vacation home in California with a few others present in the room. During the soundcheck, he made the Russian bombing comment without knowing that the microphone was on. While his “joke” didn’t actually air on television, the press took it and ran. There were headlines across the world the next day. The joke became one of the most controversial things that a president has ever said, although Reagan was no stranger to injecting levity into his day to day talks.

Some other funny presidents include Barack Obama, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln.

“My fellow Americans, I am pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.”

  • Ronald Reagan

How To Celebrate National Presidential Joke Day

The best way to celebrate National Presidential Joke Day is to commemorate the funniest presidents throughout history. Share your favorite presidential jokes on social media. Though you may not like all of them, you’d be surprised to find out how many presidents had an immaculate sense of humor.

Make sure to hashtag #NationalPresidentialJokeDay to spread the word!

Political Humor

National Presidential Joke Day is the perfect time to push away any negative thoughts concerning the state of the government and mix some humor in your politics. Seeing presidents display a sense of humor makes them seem like regular people, which is a welcome alternative to their official roles as Commanders in Chief. Perhaps seeing a less buttoned-up side of presidents will help you relate to your president more.

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